Honey raisin crunchies

honey raisin crunchies

I have fond childhood memories of the crunchies my Granny made when we visited her in Joburg. Chewy, buttery and delicious, they were amongst my top favourite tea time treats. Part of the allure was that it was such a novelty. Back then Pretoria and Johannesburg were very far apart and we didn’t visit often. We would sit with the […]

South African crumpets recipe

Crumpets recipe South African

Crumpets are essentially similar to small pancakes or what the Americans call flapjacks. While it was a British invention, we all grew up having crumpets for a special weekend or holiday breakfast here in South Africa. This South African crumpets recipe generally doesn’t contain yeast like the British or American flapjacks, which makes this less […]

Putu pap – porridge

Any self-respecting South African knows that a braai should never be attempted without a good serving of pap. For the non-South Africans, pap is basically a maize porridge best served with a tomato and onion gravy. Below is an easy pap recipe for your next braai. We normally use the Premier Traditional Coarse Braai Pap […]